Article ID : CEAIB64

Turboair is a new coffin refrigeration equipment with an innovative fan system to spread and control the temperature through an air plate allowing the conservation of the corpse assuring the accessibility with the opened coffin. According to the laws in force temperatures can always be controlled and assured in any moment.

Inside the coffin an air flow is generated wrapping 100% of the corpse being able to reach temperatures even below zero, in environmental conditions particularly difficult for both temperature and humidity, too. The machine has been tested with a temperature of 35°C with a humidity rate of 70%. The use of natural and biodegradable elements that can be left inside the coffin after the burial characterizes the originality of this system.

The absolute innovation that characterizes Turboair in comparison with the traditional systems is the patented paperboard plates, 100% biodegradable, that enhance the performances of this new coffin refrigerating system. The conveyor of the machine jointing the plate with a system of telescopic canalizations, allows the perfect lining to the coffin border at a minimum height of 70 cm to a maximum one of 90 cm.


Accessories :

CEAIB70 Paperboard plate in white satin
CEAIB71 Paperboard plate in grey satin
CEAIB72 Paperboard plate in beige satin
CEAIB73 Paperboard plate cotton/white woven not woven
CEAIB74 Paperboard plate cotton/grey woven not woven
CEAIB75 Paperboard plate cotton/beige woven not woven
CEAIB69 Mini conveyor for Turboair working on the head side
CEAIB79 Cellulose fitting for head-side working
CEAIB78 Spacer
CEAIB63 ABS platform


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