Refrigerated Bed for Bodies

Refrigerated Bed for Bodies


Article ID : CEATA20

Refrigerated bed for the temporary conservation of the bodies on exhibition, equipment for the situations requiring a conservation treatment of the body and at the same time the exhibition without the coffin. To be used both in hospital and for funeral homes or mortuary chapel.

Technical Specifications:

  • Self carrying structure made of stainless steel tubolar Aisi 304, thickness 20/10, and plugging panels made of stainless steel plate Aisi 304, thickness 6/10
  • Wheel diameter mm 125, rotating ones with brakes;
  • Refrigerating plant placed in the central column under the inclined plane. It works at an average temperature of 0°C/-5°C;
  • Supporting plane in stainless steel, that is bended and shaped with the 18°C inclined upper part, containing the copper coil for the cooling and an insulating layer allowing the cooling only on the surface of the supporting plane.
  • The table is made complying with the European regulations.


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