Ibernsalm Airy "Image"

Ibernsalm Airy "Image"


Article ID:   CEAIB15 Ibernsalm Airy "Image" Briar Root
CEAIB16 Ibernsalm Airy "Image" Walnut

Ibernsalm Airy "Image" has been designed to preserve bodies already placed in coffins during the funeral wake and observation. It prevents hygienc and sanitary problems above all during summer or in particular situations of long stops outside the cold rooms, or in case of critical pathologically deaths, or as a preventive measure before a long distance transport of the body. Thanks to its small size and to the practical case (provided with wheels), it can be easilly transported and used, in conditions of difficult and uncomfortable access. The unique technical characteristics of Ibernsalm Airy "Image" allow a normal use with the opened coffin assuring very good preservation results. The cold air that is produced is spread inside the coffin through two cloth hoses. In some cases or with particularly adverse climatic-environmental conditions the additional clear cover can be applied in a second time, so allowing to reach even lower temperatures thanks to its insulating function. The particular aerodynamic design with the inclined upper plane allows to apply changeable images in polish brass, that can be religious or lay figures, in order to personalize the funeral service.

Ibernsalm Airy "Image" is made up of a body-coachwork in expanded polyurethane at high density allowing a proper sturdiness of all the structure, relative lightness and thermic insulation. The internal part by the evaporator is further lined with insulating material allowing the formation of condensate. The equipment is made of a ventilated refrigerating system with a power-condensate unity equipped with an high power compressor to assure the preservation of the bodies with the opened coffin. The evaporating part is provided with two special ventilators introducing and spreading cold air at direct contact with the body, thanks even to the activity of the cloth hoses. The equipment functioning is run by a special program through an already set timer, that activates the defrosting stages every 4-5 hours of functioning for a period of about 12-15 minutes, during which the equipment does not work and an electrical resistance located inside the tank starts to work. Once the operation is finished, the equipment starts automatically again and water coming from the defrosting is collected into a bag that the operator must hook to the proper places in advance.



CEAIB23 Brier shoulder-shaped cover
CEAIB21 Walnut shoulder-shaped cover
CEAIB22 Brier straight cover
CEAIB24 Walnut straight cover
CEAIB27 Aluminium case for Ibernsalm Airy "Image"
CEAIB28 Aluminium case for thermic cover
CEAIB30 Pair of white hoses
CEAIB31 Pair of beige hoses
CEAIB32 Pair of grey hoses


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