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CEABIS Srl has been established in the 70's from his founder Oscar Puato, talented and experienced manager and owner of several funerary agencies since the 50's. The deep knowledge and experience in the funerary industry, expecially in the bodies conservation issue, particularly in certain weather conditions, has always driven CEABIS' activities and operations to the highest standard of hygiene and quality.
The design, trademark and manufacture of the system IBERSALM for the conservation of bodies where the main achievements of CEABIS.

Ibernsalm first series Ibernsalm actual model

Nowadays CEABIS become a leader company in the hospital and mortuary refrigeration industry and in setting up mortuaries and anatomy rooms, as much as in the production and selling of hospital and funerary supplyes.
The competencies acquired through the years in the mortuary equipments allow the company to propose appropriate solutions to the most specific problems.


The Group

In 2003 Ceabis became part of the Vezzani Group: since then, thanks to the support of the group, the company has further developed in order to offer a complete range of products for the funerary market, from funeral homes to cemeteries and morgues. Since then on a trend of steady growth has characterized the life of Ceabis, which continues to expand and improve its products and services, both to meet customers' needs and to enter in new markets.

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Ceabis, Funeral Homes and Mortuary Supplies